JR 2
I’m a freelance journalist and a lecturer in journalism. I write about most things but focus on the law and justice.

My latest book – Guilty until proven innocent: the crisis in our justice system (Biteback Publishing, 2018) – is out now.

I have written for the national and specialist press for over 20 years – see here.

I run the Justice Gap which I set up in 2011 – an online magazine about ‘the law and justice – and the difference between the two’. Proof is our print magazine.

I teach in the journalism department at Winchester University where I am completing a PhD (Righting wrongs? A study of the justice system’s ability and willingness to correct serious injustice through a series of case studies).

The illustration is by the artist Isobel Williams. It is from a series of sketches Isobel made of a Supreme Court case in which Lord Neuberger ruled that the controversial law of joint enterprise had taken ‘wrong turn in 1984’ (R v Jogee).

The illustration featured in Proof magazine, issue 2.

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