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JG-logo‘For those concerned with the law and justice – as well as the difference between the two – the Justice Gap is increasingly essential.’

The Justice Gap (www.thejusticegap.com) is an award-winning website about the law and justice run by journalists and aimed at the public.

It is about shining a light on those parts of the justice system that don’t often see the light of day in the mainstream media. We are about compelling and campaigning journalism.

  • Will Bordell is commissioning editor. Will is a journalist and writes for the Justice Gap.
  • Web site development: Chris Palmer and Andrew Stocks.
  • JusticeGap reporters/ commissioning editors: If you are interested in writing/ commissioning/  helping, email jon@thejusticegap.com.

Our stories and campaigns are often picked up in the national press. The Justice Gap is about campaigning journalism and so, for example, the site has focused on the 2013 LASPO cuts to legal aid and the change to the compensation arrangements for victims of miscarriage of justice issue (as featured on Independent on Sunday front cover).

In 2016, we published an open letter calling on the Lord Chancellor to stop the ‘reckless and irresponsible’ practice of destroying court transcripts. It was signed by Michael Mansfield, Paddy Hill, a former deputy head of Hampshire CID, an ex Criminal Cases Review Commissioner, plus academics from 13 universities – and was picked on by the Independent on Sunday in its editorial.

Jonathan-AitkenYou can read about the Justice Gap’s Mind the Justice Gap project with Hackney Community Law Centre and UCL’s access to justice unit in the Guardian (here) and the Jonathan Aitken/ Frances Crook ‘in conversation’ feature from the Guardian highlighted an event we ran on prisoners’ rights (above, A stretch too far)

The Justice Gap… and what it means

‘The ‘Justice Gap’ refers to the increasing section of the public too poor to afford a lawyer and not poor enough to qualify for legal aid. At the heart of any notion of a decent society is not only that we have rights and protections under the law but that we can enforce those rights and rely upon those protections if needed.’
Michael Mansfield QC

‘For those concerned with the law and justice – as well as the difference between the two – http://www.thejusticegap.com is increasingly essential.’
David Jessel (Rough Justice, Trial & Error)

An overview

  • Traffic: According to Google Analytics in one month (January 4 to February 4), the site received 80,470 page visits and 23,682 unique page views.
  • Social media: The Justice Gap has more than 15K followers on Twitter including the CPS (162K); the Attorney General (10K); Jeremy Corbyn (1.74M); as well as leading journalists, commentators and academics;
    Separately there are FaceBook and YouTube accounts.
  • Print magazine: In 2015 we launched our print magazine Proof which features long-form journalism. The magazine is sold through the site.
  • Original content: The site’s content is original and there is new content every week day. We run both text and video stories.
  • Contributors: We have had over 500 contributors including leading lawyers such as the DPP Alison Saunders and Michael Mansfield QC; prominent journalists including David Rose (Mail on Sunday), Bob Woffinden and Eric Allison (Guardian); academics and high profile commentators.
  • One of the principal ideas behind the Justice Gap is to broaden the discussion about law and justice and include voices and perspectives not normally heard in the debate. We have run interviews with everyone from the late former appeal court judge Sir Henry Brooke and Lord David Runciman of the 1993 Royal Commission on Criminal Justice to the film producer Jimmy McGovern, broadcaster Paul Gambacinni, former Lord Chancellor, as well as campaigners including Paddy Hill, Peter Tatchell and Liberty’s Shami Chakrabarti.